Churton School PE and Sport

Vision: To build a strong confident learning community around Churton School which embraces a physical activity culture through:

· Effective teaching and learning within the Health and Physical Education in NZ curriculum and

· Establishing school community partnerships that provide quality regular physical activity experiences.

Purpose: To enable children at Churton School to experience and choose to participate in physical activity as a life-long practice.

Intended Outcomes:

1. Planned approach to promoting quality physical activity.

2. An understanding of the research and current thinking about physical activity in relation to student needs and the school community.

3. Teachers at Churton School build knowledge and skills in Physical Education and Physical Activity practices.

4. Coaches and Teachers have knowledge of current physical activity developments, and the school physical activity culture and plan.

5. Students participate in a range of curricula and co-curricular activities that meet their identified needs.tive experiences that are purposeful and meaningful for students and complement learning in physical education.

Churton Physical Activity Culture:

Five areas contributing to an effective physical activity culture:

1. School ethos and organisation goal: An effective physical activity culture

2. Curriculum goal: Student learning is purposeful

3. Co-curriculum goal: Children choose to be more active

4. Environment/Resourcing goal: the resources needed are available

5. Community goal: a sustainable range of opportunities are provided