Board of Trustees

Kia Ora and welcome

Meet our dedicated Board of Trustees, a group of caring individuals focused on shaping a thriving learning environment for every student.

The Board of Trustees plays a vital role in overseeing policies and planning for the school's future. Our Board is committed to providing a nurturing and enriching experience for your little one. The Board actively works to make our school a place where your child can flourish academically and emotionally. Together, let's embrace a future filled with endless possibilities for your child's education!

Goals and Plans

The Board has set its sights on improving essential skills like literacy and numeracy, ensuring your child's access to the latest information and communication technology. Additionally, we are focused on strengthening communication between students, staff, and parents, fostering a collaborative and supportive learning community. These are some of the goals and plans for the coming year which have been developed in our strategic plan. 

As part of our commitment to your child's growth, we have developed a Charter that reflects the core values we hold dear. This Charter is our promise to our students, caregivers, community, and government, and it was thoughtfully crafted through discussions with staff, the Board, caregivers, and the Maori community.

We have categorized these values under Attitude, Behaviour, and Communication - a simple ABC approach that resonates with our students, caregivers, and staff alike. Under each category, you will find the values that guide us in creating an inclusive and nurturing environment tailored to your child's needs.

Finally, the school motto is 'To The New World' indicating we as a school are preparing our students to embrace and cope with change in the future.

The school's golden rule is 'To treat others the way you like to be treated.' It is essential our children can think of themselves and others.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to any member of the Board with suggestions, thoughts, and ideas you may have. We value your partnership in creating an exceptional educational experience for your child.