School Values

Ki Te Ao Hou

Into the new world



At Churton School, respect is the foundation of our community. We instill the ability to extend aroha (love and compassion) to all, fostering an atmosphere of honesty and integrity.

Students learn to treat others with kindness, empathy, and understanding, creating a safe and supportive environment where everyone is valued and celebrated for their unique contributions.



Resilience is a pillar of strength at Churton School. Our students are encouraged to be brave, persistent, and determined in the face of challenges. They grow in confidence and embrace an inquisitive mindset, turning setbacks into opportunities for growth. 

Through resilience, we equip our students with the courage to overcome obstacles and foster a lifelong love of learning and self-discovery.



We also cherish the value of relationship. Students develop a strong sense of connection, working collaboratively as team players. We foster an environment of tolerance and empathy, where understanding and supporting one another are fundamental. 

By valuing relationships, we create a caring and inclusive community, where every student feels heard, valued, and appreciated, fostering a positive and nurturing learning experience for all.

Churton Values Teaching Matrix.pdf

The Origin of Churton School Motto

From the great Maori prophets Tohu and Te Whiti as they farewelled their followers.

Haere e nga iwi, haere hoki atu ki o koutou marae kainga, haere hoki atu ki te ao hou.

Return my people, return go hither unto your respective home grounds, return unto the new world.